Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pagan Schools

Hello there. I went to a Wicca 101 class today at Isis bookstore. It was o.k. It was mostly stuff I already knew. But I checked out the store after and then I headed toward home. But I needed to make a stop at Herbs and Arts. When I was there I was talking to the owner and she gave me a great idea. There are a lot of pagan parents in the Denver/Metro area. And their school age children who are also pagan have a hard time at shool sometimes. So I guess there is an actual need for pagan schooling. I am very interested in the idea.

I have been wondering what we will be doing for our own son when it is time for him to go to school. I have looked into Montesorri schools and Waldorf schools. I like them both a lot. I like how they teach from a spiritual aspect and look at the whole child and how they learn. But they are really expensive. Just for kindergarten for one year part time is over $9,000. And it goes up as the child gets older.

So the chick at Herbs and Arts was saying how there are all of these grants you can get to start the school. You get the money for the building, the teachers, the books and everything. And I could have a metaphysical store in the school.

Then I started to look online for information. There isn't hardly anything. There is a lot of stuff for Christians, but not pagans as far as schooling. So I am taking any info any of you can give me. Plus what you think about the idea. It would take a ton of work. But I am liking the idea more and more.

Blessed Be.


At 7:20 AM, Blogger Jodes said...

i have always wondered about wicca, it seems very interesting.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger BlueGoddess said...

What would you like to know. And how did you find my blog? Did you do a search for a certain word or did you just come across it somehow? Or was it one of the comments that I left on someone else's blog?

I looked at your blog a little. But mostly what I found was about racing and walking for the cure. I like that. But do you have any other stuff on there? Are you just really interested in the cause? Or is there a personal connection?


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