Thursday, September 16, 2010

Away for way too long

Hello all,

I am sure I don't really get any more views on this page since I left it behind a couple of years ago. I am sorry I did that. It was one of those things that kept me going when I needed it when I started it. And now I think I need it once more. A way for me to get my thoughts and interests out there.

I have been missing friends and camaraderie. I have always been interested in being a steward for the Earth and the Crunchy way of life. But as with most people on the planet, I give in from time to time for the easy way of life. Well lately I have been really studying about backyard homesteading, organic farming and gardening.

For a little while in 2009 I had a very small farm with 7 goats, 10 chickens, a small garden and 3 dogs. I miss it very much. In fact I grew with organic farming in my family. My grandparents had an organic farm all while my parents were growing up and of course those before them. It was the only way of my life my entire family knew until my parents married. I am longing to get back to my roots and be part of a system that had long worked before I ever got here. I want my son to grow up with that kind of mentality and reverence for nature that I was lucky enough to get in small bits from my grandparents.

I look forward to writing some more and hopefully learning a lot more from any readers I might have.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Looking For Love

I know that the majority of us Pagans and Witches out there are usually looking for love and money spells. Everyone wants a quick fix to our problems. And wouldn't be nice if it was that easy. And in some ways it can be. But we need to put a little effort into it.

We have to really consider our intentions behind what we want. And then we have to do the work. You can certainly use crystals and incense and rituals to bring love into your life. But you will also need to work on your personality, your lifestyle, and your attitude before that special someone will just arrive.

Remember to list all of the qualities of the type of person that you would like in your life and then do your best to become all of those qualities. You will have to get out in the world and try new things, like hiking, biking, painting, sports, Colorado Rockies Basebal games, singles groups and of course internet dating. There are so many ways to meet a person. Everywhere you turn, there is someone new.

So look your best and put your best foot forward All of the time. That special someone could be the person next to you in the check out line at the grocery store, on the elevator at work, or at the table next to you at the restaurant.

But you can also try the scientific route. You can use one of many online dating services. They will ask you lists of questions to try to match you up with the "perfect" match. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't. But you will never know until you try.

So stop on by my store,Merkin's Moon and take a look at what ritual and spell kits I have to offer to help boost your odds.

And then try one of these online dating services and see if you can finally meet the Love of Your Dreams!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Florida Vacation

Hello all,

I know it has been quite a while since I last posted anything. In my defense it has been a long holiday season and then I took a much needed vacation. I went to the Gulf Coast, also called the Emerald Coast, in Florida. I spent some time in some tiny little towns called Navarre, Shalimar, Destin, and Mary Esther. They are all about an hour south of
Pensacola. I have family and friends there.

I just needed to clear my head and finally have some time away from my little boy and husband. I haven't had a vacation since I was pregnant with my son. But as soon as I got to Florida they were having a cold front. It was good and bad. The good part was that it was still warmer than it was when I left Colorado. The bad part was that it was still
chilly to be spending time on the beach.

But it was quite lovely there. I spent some time alone on the beach. It was serene, quiet and peaceful. I got to be one with Nature. Which is always something that I love to do. When I was walking on the beach, I was looking for shells and sea glass. I wanted some little momentos of the trip. Well I looked down and I thought it was the bottom
part of a very small bottle. It was clear and it looked kind of thick. I wanted to pick it up and see if the edges had been worn away or if it was a newly broken bottle. It turned out to be gooey and slimy as I touched it. But I didn't think that jelly fish could look like this. Luckily for me there weren't any tentacles and I wasn't stung. I liked
watching the pelicans dive into the water for fish. And watching the seaguls fly in unison around and around.

One of the days we went to this place that is like a tiny version of Sea World. They had a couple of dolphins, sea lions, penguins, sharks, sea turtles, and some otters. I at least got some cool pics. And we even got to see a blue heron that was just hanging out.

Unfortunately everyone was sick when I got into town. And of course I ended up with it myself. So we didn't do a whole lot while I was there. But it was still much needed rest and relaxation.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall Baking

Hello all. It is that time of year when it starts to cool down and I get in the mood for baking and cooking all kinds of things. So today starts my cooking fiesta.

I started with Pumkin Surprise Muffins and I am also baking some Pumkin bread for a friend. And I will give you the recipe for the muffins now.

Pumpkin Surprise Muffins. Yields 12 muffins.


Cream Cheese Filling (below)

1/2 c canned pumpkin ( not pumpkin pie mx)

1/3 c packed brown sugar

1/2 c milk

1/4 c vegetable oil

2 eggs

1 1/2 c all purpose flour

2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

1/2 c chopped nuts ( I prefer pecans)

1. Heat oven to 400 F. Grease bottoms only of 12 medium muffin cups or line with paper baking cups. Make Cream Cheese Filling, set aside.

2. Mix pumpkin, brown sugar, milk, oil, and eggs in large bowl with spoon. Stir in remaining ingredients except nuts just until flowr is moistened. Stir in nuts. Fill muffin cups one-third full. Place about 1 rounded teaspoon filling on batter in each muffin cup. Top with remaining batter.

3. Bake 20-22 minutes or until golden brown. Immediately remove from pan.

Cream Cheese Filling

1 package ( 3 ounces) cream cheese, softened

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon milk

Mix all ingredients until smooth. Mixture will be thick.

I hope you will try this recipe that I got from Gold Medal Fall Baking book.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Update on My Life

Hello all,

I know I haven't been posting much lately. I have been crazy busy looking for a job to supplement my income. And I just got the news that I got the stay at home job. The good news is that it is a stay at home job and that will help immenseley. But I have training for the next couple of weeks, so I probably won't get to be on here much for a little while longer.

Anyway I hope all is well with all of you.

Blessed Be.

Friday, October 05, 2007

MADD Petition ( Please Sign It!)

Please Read
Body: Dear Mom,

I went to a party,
And remembered what you said
You told me not to drink, Mom
So I had a sprite instead.

I felt proud of myself,
The way you said I would,
That I didn't drink and drive,
Though some friends said I should.

I made a healthy choice,
And your advice to me was right,
The party finally ended,
And the kids drove out of sight.

I got into my car,
Sure to get home in one piece,
I never knew what was coming, Mom
Something I expected least.

Now I'm lying on the pavement,
And I hear the policeman say,
The kid that caused this wreck was drunk,
Mom, his voice seems far away.

My own blood's all around me,
As I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
This girl is going to die.

I'm sure the guy had no idea,
While he was flying high,
Because he chose to drink and drive,
Now I would have to die.

So why do people do it, Mom
Knowing that it ruins lives?
And now the pain is cutting me,
Like a hundred stabbing knives.

Tell sister not to be afraid, Mom
Tell daddy to be brave,
And when I go to heaven,
Put Daddy's Girl on my grave.

Someone should have taught him,
That it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his parents had,
I'd still be alive.

My breath is getting shorter, Mom
I'm getting really scared.
These are my final moments,
And I'm so unprepared.

I wish that you could hold me Mom,
As I lie here and die.


THE *****:
1. Adam Ross Kalesperis
2. Deanne Perozzi
3. Raphal Nash
4. Courtney Easter
5. James Chandler.
6. Tracy Lamont
7. Traci Arbisi
8. Faye Hollenbeck
9. Devin E. Davis
10. Starla Shaver
11. Theresa Brehm
12. Lisa Brehm
13. Courtney Barnett
14. Erika Hurst
15. Kym Moschgat
16. Michael Hansen
17. Matt Weston
18. Laura Bunch
19. Daniel Lawson
20. Ashley Byrd
21. Brian Chadwell
22. Bonnie Morrical
23. Susan S
24. Michele Zader.
25. Denise Marie Haines
26. Kesh ia Marie Siders
27. Amy Sue Tresenrider
28. Tracie Balthaser
29. Diana Kaufman
30. Brooke Newkirk
32. Christina M.B.
33. Crystal Mckenzie
34 Kate Larch
35. Call Fireman
36. Christie Turner
37. Rebecca Turner
38. Elena Thomas
39. Missy Burke
40. Erin McCaw
41. Lindsay Potrafke
42. Jenny Icicle
43. Cassandra Dudgeon
44. Amy Liebisch
45. Eric Widmeyer
46. Alisa Huth
47. Pam Augustine
48. Leanne Trdinich
49. Megan LeDonne
50. Kristen Kennedy
51. Mara Bennardo
52. Lisa Wilt
53. Amanda Pieta
54. David DiCosol
55. Connie Carozza
56. Jaime Jacoby
57. Erin Edmunds
58. Erin Berecek
59. Becky Porter
60. Alana Miller
61. Carrie Vermillion
62. Susan Spearing
63. Gaye Sougstad
64. Lynn Snider
65. David Shores
66. Carol Conway
67. Natalie Fair
68. Alyssa Lloyd
69. Rebecca Wheeler
70. Lisa Riedel
71. Eric Vaughan
72. Danielle Seaman
73. Eliz abeth Ambrose
74. Katy Mancha
75. Susan Hall
77. Meg Kells-Murphy
78. Samantha Kaiser
79. Travis Lincoln
80. Randy
81. Chris Virgate
82. Matthew Burbles
83. Crystal Dambowsky
84. Kyle freaken McEneany
85. Krystal Scharn
86. Laura Rothrock
87. Bethany Bocce
88. Amy Satkevich
89. Christine Rich
90. Courtney Reilly
91. Lauren Tighe
92. Jackie White
93. Liz Farrell
94. Kathryn M.
95. Heather Anne Lowery
96. Katie Jo
97. Cara Brenner
98. Emily Green
99. Emily Harris
100. Emily Chen
101. Sarah Schererm
102. Eric Eisenberg
103. SlickDan Goldstein
104. Abby Kimmelman
105. Alyssa Lee
106. David Hoffman
107. Celia Kather
108. Susan Ginn
109. Carly Smith
110. Anna Karis
111. Alison Deffenbaugh
112. Litzi Paredes
113. Teresa Eldridge
114. Stephanie Reese
115. Jamie Turner
116. Jenny Showalter
117. Meg Wooldridge
118. Kevin T$chai
119. Lo an Nguyen
120. Elizabeth Yorns
121. Katie McGowan
122. Angie Henderson
123. The Troyfish of VT
124. Natalie Corrigan of VT
125. Dyanis Conrad
126. Vasil! Popov
127. Marie Huitt
128. Jessi McMahan
129. Courtney Kelly
130. Tracy Smith
131. Jenny Fisher
132. Sally J. James-in memory of
133. Rachael Harness
134. Jan E. Conley
135. Kari M.Fellers
136. Dawn Love
137. Staci Smith
138. Douglas Blair
139. Brooke Rhea
140. Rachel Hammons
141. Brian Gallion
142. Ben Morrow
143. William Burden
144. Erica M. Smothers
145. Jason Wilchie
146. Frank Smith
147. Kevin Rider
148. Matt Masley-In memory of Alison, killed by drunk driver 01/09/1998.
149. Deepak Deean
150. Liz Dedrick
151. Jessa
152. Maureen,MO
153. Dawn O.
154. Paul M.Peew ee
155. Vanessa R. Venus
156. Ryan Cabral (stangman)
157. Rachel Miller
158. Christie Fairlie
159. Julie Snyder
160. Alex La
161. Ma riah Reyes
162. Brandon Castrejon
163. Ashley L
164. Jeffrey Yamauchi
165. Lois Kuo
166. Priscilla Kuo
167. Mei W.W
168. Gennie W. Alasagas
169. P.J. R. Alasagas
170. Charina Gonzales
171. Nieves M. Ague
172. Calley Redd
173. Alexandra Hart
174. Lisa Peterson
175. Amber Neil
176. Mandy Cox
178. Meghan Anne Meyer - In memory of James & Kendall died from a drunk driver 1/01/96.
180. Brandie Thomas
181. Lorianna Moreno
182. Kris Jensen - In memory of Pat Byrd, killed by a drunk driver on 01/01/99.
183. Katie Essig
184. Jenny Haney - In memory of Shane Moore & Anthony Saucedo killed-July, 2000 when they were driving drunk.
185. Kim Jones
186. Sarah Bellamy
187. Jon McInturff
188. Elizabeth Price
189. Lesley Kuras
190. Kellyn Blossoma
191. Jenna Cullinane
192. Katherine Gritter
193. Ben Thompson
194. Andrea Durell - In memory of the choad car...
195. Erin Rae Lengkeek
196. Tiffany Megan Lott
197. Carrie Deathriage
198. Melissa Mao
199. Emily Leong
200. Jill Burkholder
201. Meghan Cloud
202. SLS
203. Karen Roy
204. Kasey Kniffin
205. Tom Miyashiro this is for u joe...
206. Jesse Jet Bellefleur
207. Pamichic
208. Fionaap
209. Ann McDermott
210. Gina Cerrito
211. Johnny Horn
212. Melissa Coleman
213. Morgan Saltsgiver
214. Erin Warrner
215. Jennifer Warrner
216. Kayla JOY McKenzie
217. Alison L.
218. Denise M. Malagari
219. Amber Lynn Chesebrough
220. Holly Chesebrough
221. Daryl dulling
222. Diana LUPAC
223. Todd J. Peptone
224. Eric W. Davis
225. Kristin Lands
226. Dave Woods
227. SWhitney
228. Christina Sweeper
229. Salaam de Lore
230 Linesey Eigenbrode
231. Meredith Keller
232. Candice Roubin
233. ANGEL**
234. Kathleen
235. Alex Rowe
236. Rachel "T" Thompson
237. Abe Thompson
238. David Dare
239. Sarah Gullemet te
240. Ben Cormier
241. Devon Smith
242. Ashley
243. Amy
244. Nicole Thibodeau
245. Katie Wallace
246. Jessica Shanahan
247. Brianna Harmer
248. Mary E. Sundberg
249. Kristen Sundberg
250. Lindsay Chandler
251. Heather King
252. Nyleen Veigas
253. Catrina Basset
254. Melissa ford
255. Ashlie Johnson-In memory of my beloved John Doe-
256. Ashley Jackson
257. Mark Pepperdine
258. Colleen Pepperdine
259. Monica Waldrop
260. Rebekah Martinez
261. Heather VonKahle - my brother was killed by drunk driver
262. Kristina Yager
263. Shane Peters
264. PFC Jamison Hurley Military Police Corps.U.S. ARMY
265. PFC Daniel Brown Transportation Corps. U.S.ARMY
266. Kyla Parker
267. Angel Acevedo - in loving mem ory of Jason Stofregen
268. Linda Maberry - In Memory of My Son Jason -killed 7/16/2000 by a drunk driver
269 Stacy Stafford - In Loving Memory of Jason Stofregen
270. Peyton Potter
271. Shelton Potter
272. Diane Calhoun
273. Sgt Northrop, Linda USMC
274. Lcpl Broadstreet, Monica USMC
275. Ben Senter
276. Chad White
277. Eric Clark
278. Julie Smith
279. Dawn Hurley
280. Melissa Baxter
281. Dave Kothstein
282. Mary Whisler
283. George Whisler
284. Joshua Whisler
285. Dave Ivey
286. Sheri Ivey
287. Dave Ivey II
288. Jessica Ivey
289. Rose Ivey
290. Dorie Masterstefone
291. Michael mccarrhaer
292. maria Hamm
293. rebecca Hamm
294. Deana Monitor
295. Nancy Lope
296. Mark Lope
297. Grace Kiel
298. Becky GATT
299. Carolyn Showers
300. Robert Whatnot
303. June Author
304. Robin Author
305. sarah fry
306. Kathy Bremen n
307. Frank Bremen
308. Erin Bremen
309. Jim Cask
310. Kim Cask
311. Kate Wolgemuth
312. Stefanie Heagy
313. Ginger Heagy
314. Barry Heagy
315. Graham Heagy
316. Gab Heagy
317. Heather Heagy
318. Megan Heagy
319. Lisa Heagy
320. Christin e Heagy
321. Danielle German
322. Sarah Bethel
323. Megan Vascular
324. Alexia Vascular
325. Ashley Blunt
326. Kristin Blunt
327. Scott Blunt
328. Ruth Blunt
329. Nolan Blunt
330. Roger Blunt
331. Susan Warner
332. Paige Warner
333. Dan Warner
334. Mark Kestrel
335. Janna Yak
336. Amy Burner Aka Mr.P!nK (lol mis and nicky)
337. Skye Ruff
338. Deanna LaMasster(CABBAGEPRETZLE!!!)
339. Amanda
340. Ryan
341. Tim Longenecker
342. Joan Smith
343. Andrea Watkins
344. Gail A'Brunzo
345. Lindsey A'Brunzo and Steve Haring--
346. Destiny Somme ER
347. Meredith McMurtrie
348. Lynne (Eckman) Hennry
349. Christy Knight
350. Kimyia Varzi
351. Patti Kim
352. Kathy Chu
353. Emma Otsuji
354. Cynthia K. Estrada
355. Brent A. Osorio
356. Ana J Alatorre
357. Ke ith Osorio
358. Becky Pfeifer
359. Alizabeth Pfeifer
360. Raeanne Pfeifer
361. Theresa Pfeifer
362. William D. Pf! eifer
363. Carol Pfeifer
364. William H.Pfeifer
365. Quyen Pfeifer
366. Asia Pfeifer
367. Zion Pfeifer
368. Tom Pfeifer
369. Jolene Kostenbader,cm
370. David Kostenbader,cm
371. Bela Gecsey, Costa Mesa, Ca
372. Tiffany Gecsey, Costa Mesa, Ca
373. Nicole Kahn
374. Mark Kahn
375. Tina Garrett
376. Adam Garrett/Fire Fighter/Paramedic Belton, MO
377. Victor L. Watson, Collierville, TN.
378. Christine R. Watson, Collierville, TN.
379. Cindy Smith.Memphis,Tn
380. Buddy Smith, Memphis,Tn
381. Kelley Frans Memphis,Tn.
382. Tammie Dawson, Memphis, Tn.
383. Dale Dawson, Memphis, Tn.
384. J.T. Norris, Memphis, TN
385. Wendy Brown
386. Kathy Garazin, IL
387. Heather Rae Hackett, IL
388. Edward Crane, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
389. Jodie Goodman, Margate, FL
390. Marc Goodman, Marga te, FL
391. Stephen Goodman, Margate, FL
392. Jennifer Goodman, Margate, FL
393. Dorothy Gerson, Lauderhill, FL
394. Pauline Dukoff, Lauderhill, FL
395. Katherine Carr, Florida
396. Sam Carr, Florida
397. Bob Jeshiva, Florida
398. John Woods, Staten Island, NY
399. Mary Molski , Staten Island NY
400. Janel Prospero, S. Hackensack, NJ
401. Diane Brando, S. Hackensack, NJ
402. Nick Brando, S Hackensack, NJ
403. Jennifer Pellicano, Hackensack,NJ
404. Frank Pellicano, Hackensack,NJ
405. Jean Galbo
406. Bud Galbo
407. Mary Jo Gauthier, Hillsboro, NH
408. Armand Gauthier
409. Monique Vigeant
410. Jack Bush, NH
411. Tammy Bush, NH
412. Tabitha Bush, NH
413. Elaine Fawce tt, MA
414. Michael Tibbetts, MA
415. Alison Conroy, MA
416. Erin Pa rker, MA
417. Nancy Loader, MA
418. Melissa Twiss, MA
419. Hope Eldredge, MA
420. Faye DeSaulnier, MA
421. Lisa Lauchart, MA
422. Karen Scopetski, MA
423. Debra Powell, MA
424. Darcie Hendrix, MA
425. Brenna Bullis, ME
426. Kathy Conte, ME
427. Annaleigh conte, ME
428. Meghan Bullis, ME
429. Jessica Prentiss, ME,i hope we get 5,000
430. Katie Mallahan ,NH
431. Jackie Routhier, ME, come on and sign it's easy!
432. Janitta Degraffe, NH
433. Michelle Martel, NH
434. Sara-Croka.
435. Jeff Green a.k.a. Mr.Green
436. Tera Shelton
437. Brenda Shelton
438. Deidre Boston, Ma
439. Anita McNeely
440. Janice Donovan, VA
441. Pat Donovan, MA
442. Francesca Marchione, MA
443. Patty MacAuley, MA
444. Karen Brennan
445. Juliane Jackson, MA
446. Camille Edwards Ostman - a very lucky survivor of a drunk driver.
Please help us to stop the senselessness of these deaths.
447. Diana P icano-Steinberg, CT
448. The Waltons of CT
449. Karen K
450. Lisa Logan, TX
451. Don Logan Jr., TX
452. Ernie Grab
453. Lisa Grab In Memory of my brother, Allan Terranova 8/9/1986
454. MariCatherine McCombs, 10yrs ER service, too many ***** to write them all.
455. Jacqueline Samson, Monroe, CT
456. Garrett Samson, Monroe, CT
457. Robert Gorham, Alexandria, VA
458. Christina Gorham, Alexandria, VA
459. William Gorham, Alexandria, VA
460. Elena Gorham, Alexandria, VA
461. George Gorham, Alexandria, VA
462. Cheryl Gorham,
463. Linda L. Russell,
464. Nadine Euler, Elkview, WV
465. Linda Schwinn, Deer Park, IL
466. Kathleen Milewski, Fox River Grove, IL
467. Debbie Milewski, Palatine, IL
468. Jan Franzone, Sheboygan, WI
469. Kim Stuecklen, Chicago, IL
470. Carrie Pittman, Chicago, IL
471. Michelle Morales, Chicago, IL
472. Vanessa Salcedo, IL
473. Sofia E. Salcedo, Chicago, IL
474. Kelly J. Torres , Chicago, IL.
475. Denise J. Torres, Chgo, IL
476. Geoffrey A. Drapcak, Elk Grove, IL
477. Angie Nunez
478. Rosemarie Jasso
479. Alyssa Jasso
480. Liz Pomianowski,OakLawn, IL.
481. Sabrina Orton
482. Cindy Butera
483. Debi Daniels Elmwood Park IL
484. Joe Pullia
485. Liz Reffke, Chicago IL
486. Olga Llano
487. Robert Claudio
488. leo Gonzalez, Chicago IL
489. Mario Acosta, Chicago IL
490. Andrea Duenas, Chicago IL
491. Liz Mendoza
492. C. Badus; Chicago, IL
493. Susan Rasmussen, Woodbury MN
494. Maryellen Bach, Schaumburg IL
495. Tracy Thompson, Round Rock, TX
496. Kristina Thompson, Round Rock, TX
497. Daniel Stone, Waco, TX
498. Donnell Stone, Leander, TX
499. Philip Powell, Leander, TX
500. Sharon Powell, Leander, TX
501. Marilyn Banik, Waco, TX
502. Eddie Banik, Waco, TX
503. BJ Gardner, Clifton, TX
504. Tracy Vandiver, CLifton, TX
505. Tina Pate, Clifton, TX
506. Amanda Pate , Clifton Tx
507. Cara Scott, Clifton/Spring, TX
508. Dustin Randall, Clifton,TX
509. Barbra Chaney, Clifton,TX
510. Martha Chaney, Clifton,TX
511. Lisa R andall, Clifton,TX
512. Ron Randall Clifton, TX.
513. Carri Arnold, Phoenix, AZ
514. Shannon Arnold, Phoenix, AZ
515. Nancy Webber, Glendale, AZ
516. Mel Webber, Glendale, AZ
517. Sharon Webber, Glendale, AZ
518. Jane Loveland, Peoria, AZ
519. Darline Wing, Peoria, AZ
520. Darla Stephenson, Iron River, MI
521. Karen Wagner Payson AZ
522. Nena Wood, CA
523. Mary Stewart, CA
524. Nanci Gruber, CA
525. Jennifer Gruber, Lodi, Ca
526. R. Ellwein, Lodi, CA
527. J. Klimko, Lodi, CA
528. Michele Chenoweth, Glendale, AZ
529. Karen Norris, Dos Palos, CA
530. Robin Pinto, Dos Palos, CA
531. Lynn Payne, Dos Palos, CA; In memory of Jessica Shaner, age 5, killed by a drunk driver.
532. Dianne Ortega, Dos Palos, CA: In memory of Valerie Gonzalez and her unborn baby both killed by a drunk driver.
533. Stacy Warren-in memory of Michael Gonzales
534. Lisa Davidson-Mother of Michael Gonzales. Killed 10/6/02 by a repeat offender with more than 3X the blood alcohol limit. Michael was 17 and my only son.
535. Pam Pryfogle-Mother of Mark Pryfogle, killed 2/28/1993 by a drunk driver
536. Cari Moore, Los Banos, Ca.; In memory of Michael Gonzales.
537. Richard Moore, Los Banos, Ca.; In memory of Michael Gonzales.
538. leo R. Gila! rdi, Los Banos, CA
539. Mary Lou Gilardi, Los Banos, CA
540. Bill Barksdale, Oakdale, CA
541. Lisa Barksdale, Oakdale, CA
542. Belinda Roizen (My daughters Grandmother recently hit, head on by drunk driver 11/6/02)
543. Frances Estrada, Lathrop, CA.
544. Cynthia Hartwig, Riverbank, CA
545. Steven Hartwig, Riverbank, CA
546. Erica Van Vliet, Oakdale, CA.
547. Donna Botto, Oakdale, Ca
548. Judy Ingram, Modesto, CA
549. Lori Boyarsky, Modesto, CA.
550. George Blanco,Modesto, CA
551. Jim Kocolas, Modesto, CA
552. Fr. Jon Magoulias. Modesto,CA
553. Dave Montellato, San ta Clara, CA
554. John Wintersteen, Danville, CA
555. Nick D'Andrea, New Jersey
556. christian Valenza, New Jersey
557. Jackie Levine, Scarsdale, New York
558. Robyn Schreiber, Roslyn, New York
559. Rhonda Sadur, Roslyn, New York
560. Dan Sadur, Paterson, New Jersey
561. Len Soyka Rivervale New Jersey
562. Rita Soyka Rivervale, New Jersey
563. Susan Zagorin Skokie, IL
564. Irving Zagorin Skokie, IL
565. Beverly siegel skokie,il.
566. Kaye Switzer, Los Angeles, CA
567. Sandi Joy Robinson-Spreckman
568. Teri Spreckman, Deerfield, IL
569. Lynn Muslin, Highland Park, Il.
570. Sheri Gellar, Highland Park, Il
571. Ronda Harvey, Calabasas, Ca
572. Nadya Schubert, Boca Raton, FL
573. Raye Liptzin, Boca Raton, Fl.
574. Roz Schwartz
575. Fani Bick
576. Barbara Spigelman, Cherry Hill, NJ
577. Ellyn Rosenthal-Dratman, Granite Bay, CA
578. Ellen Mager, Cortlandt Manor, NY
579. Judi Kutner, Cortlandt Manor, NY
580. Amy Heimberg, Potomac, MD
581. Helaine Milberg Leibowitz, Malvern, PA
582. Tammy Rubenstein, Berwyn, PA
583. Sandy Moskowitz, Wayne, PA
584. Adrienne Sasson, Phila, PA
585. Ruth Weismer, Philadelphia, PA
586. Susan Handler, Langhorne, PA
587. Lori Blatstein, Newtown, PA
588. Debbie Ruriani, Yardley, PA
589. Nancy Lombra. Darien, CT
590. Shelley Eccleston
591. Randy Field, Fairfield CT
592. Ka! te Howell, Stratford, CT
593. Karen Rodrigues, Stratford, CT in memory of Frank Blando (a friend killed by a drunk driver on 7/1/89)
594. Jennifer Wegrzyn, Stratford, CT
595. Lisa Tuliano, Stratford, CT
596. Jennifer Lipinsky, Shelton, CT
597. Douglas Lipinsky, Shelton, CT
598. Kim Carta-Becker, Milford CT.
599. Amber Bishop, Milford CT
600. Mark Bishop, Milford CT
601. Stacey Criscuolo, West Haven CT - Frank Blando was my friend too!
602. Pat D'Agostino, West HAven CT
603. Jaime Sirois, Shelton, CT
604. Rich Och, Jr. , Shelton, CT
605. Shawna L. McNamara, Waterbury, CT
607. Tina Golden Wallingford, CT
608. Ryan Stone Wallingford, CT
609. Kathleen Golden, Hamden, CT
610. Pamela Galasso, Cheshire, CT
611. Jacqui Schulefand, Cheshire, CT
612. Ellen Davis, North Haven, CT
613. Jessica Malkin, Hamden, CT
614. Joanna Cronin, NY, NY
615. S. Dichter, New York City
616. Steph! anie Hirschberg, NY, NY
617. Sari Canell, NY, NY
618. M. Forster , NY, NY
619. Sari Nathan Great Neck, NY
620. Carol Bourne, Great Neck, NY
621. Bryna Ram, Miami, FL in memory of Kevin Showalter (high school friend) and
Helen Witty who was tragically killed by another teenager driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
622. Adele Mann, Miami, FL
623. Ira Shapiro, Miami, FL
624. Elizabeth Smith, Melbourne, FL
625. Damarys Morales, Miami, FL
626. Vanessa Saffold, Hallandale Beach, FL
627. Alexia Salomon, Chicago, IL
628. Art Agnew, Bloomington, IL
629. Debra Zabloudil, Chicago, IL
630. Patti Papageorge, Lisle, IL
631. Julie Breedlove, Valdosta, GA
632. Cyndi Davis Snellville, GA
633. Susann McClain Levittown, PA
634. Tina Malloy Levittown, PA
635. Danielle Alston Morrisville, PA
636. Jamie Dean
637. Traci Groomes
638. Andrew Labant Royersford, PA
639. Debra Labant, Royersford, PA
640. Patricia Smith, Warminster, PA
641. Michelle McCormick, Perkasie, PA
642. Wayne McCormick,Silverdale,Pa.
643. Carol Bigam, Richboro PA
644. Lisa Dutter, Hatboro, PA
645. Jennifer Townsend, Newtown, PA
646. Stacey Cohen
647. Abbie Franks
648. Debbie Neikrie
649. Ricki Gardner, Rye Brook, NY
650. Jonathsn Fisher, Rye Brook, NY
651. John Bryan, Clearwater Fl
652. Barbara Sage, Homer, NY
653. Judy Schultz, Cortland, NY
654. Amy Schultz, Rochester, NY
655. Nancy Albro, Dryden, NY
656 . Terry Hollenbeck, Cortland, NY
657. Dawn Bulmer, Moravia, NY
658. Eric Jackson, Buena Park, Ca
659. Tanisha McNeal
660. Sana Williams, Philadelphia, PA
661. Kathy Squilla, Phila., PA
662. Mary Jean Youngblood, Philadelphia, PA
663. Anna Marie Daly, Mantua, NJ
664. Densie Harper, Turnersville, NJ
665. Jessica Fisher, Turnersville, NJ
666. Elizabeth Carbone
667. Kathlene Palmer
668. Christine Lepre
669. Patrick Wright Sr
670. Tamala Dean-Norristown PA
671. Brian Herder Glenside,PA
672. Amanda Refsnider Warminster, P A
673. Olga Gutman Holland, PA
675. Charlotte Walker
676. Becky Pearson
678. Jackie Axelrod
679. Hal Axelrod
680. Marcy Axerlod
681. Doris Kaplan
682. Albert Kaplan
683. Peter Soumas
684. Michelle Soumas
685. Stacy Goldfarb
686. Rachel Mazlin
687. alix
688. Alex Golub
689. Alex Lewis - CT
690. Molly Hubbard
691. Patricia Hubbard
692. Judith Friedman
693. Yvonne Weissenstein
694. Roberta Levine
695. Kerri Carpenter-NY
696. Nicole Calise
697. Elaine Weiss Long Island NY
698. Lisa Greene - Long Island, NY
699. Brian C. Greene
700. L. Grossgold - Long Island, N.Y.
701. Barbara Wexler
702. Janet Walter
703. Andrea Conwell
704. Arlene Goldstein
705. Steve Tessler
706. Eric Young
707. David Abeshouse
708. Janine Regosin
709. Susan L. Ferraro, Massapequa, NY
710. Dawn Seims, Long Island, NY
711. Ellie Steinhart, Jamaica, NY
712. Sonia &Harry Strom, Oceanside, NY
713. Marilyn Felicies ,Fords ,New Jersey
714. Michael Autrey, Perth Amboy, New Jersey
715. Gloria Baker, Hartford, Connecticut
716. Scott &JoAnn Glanz, Hartford, Connecticut
717. Brian &Tammy Minnich, South Windsor, CT
718. Suzanne &David Patelli, South Windsor, CT
719. Karen &Craig Stearns, South Windsor, CT
720. Christine &Mark Hanchuk, South Windsor, CT
721. Louise Shaheen
722. Louise m.Bailey west htfd ct.
723. Kay Lavitt West Hartford, CT
724. Howard Gelin, West Hartford, CT
725. Ellen Gelin, West Hartford, CT
726. Amy McCollough, Bradenton, FL
727. James Mccollough, Bradenton, FL
728. Frances Bloom
729. Wiliam Bloom
730. Roz Himelson
731. Don Himelson
732. Rosalie Switzen
733. Perry Switzen
734. Treza Miller
735. Ira Miller
736. Shelley Herzog
737. Terri Novak - West Hills, CA
738. Debbi Landsberger- Los Angeles, CA
739. John Landsberger- Los Angeles, CA
740. Tiffany Campbell- Los Angeles, CA
741. Diane Aronson- Sherman Oaks, CA
742. Bryan Campbell- Los Angeles, CA
743. Saryl Hirsch-Samuelson Los Angeles, CA
744. Jeannie Chien Los Angeles, CA
745. Jill McMillan, Los Angeles,
746. Sean McMillan, Los Angeles, CA
747. Judy Everts ,Torrance, CA
748. Connor Everts, Torrance, CA
749. Darcy E. Clayton, Ca.
750. Jennifer E. Clayton, CA
751. Jessica N. Eiseman, NJ
752.Jenna S Marcella, NJ
753. Jamie Marcella, NJ
754. Danielle Pacicco, Leonia, NJ
755. Jessica Hartman, PA
756. Jamie Wenger, NY
757. Meredith Wenger, PA
758. Stephanie Goldstein, PA
759. Eddee Leibowitz, PA
760. Rebecca Freeman, PA
761. Accra Cyntje, PA
762. Mickie Van Gores
763. [Jorge Rossi] , FL.
764. David Appelblatt, Coral Springs,Florida
768. Cris Michelucci, MD
769. Cesi Pagano
770. Carol Wick, CA
771. Laura Myers, CA
772. Betty Jo Thompson, CA
773. Christina Herron, Coto de Caza, CA
774. Kristina Velarde, Covina, CA
775. Laura Metcalfe, La Verne, CA
776. Sarah Metcalfe, La Verne, CA
777. Annabelle, Florida
778. Travis Mclaurin ,Fayetteville,Nc
779. Kyle Ivey, NC
780. Brittany Meeks, NC
781. Karla Michelle Capacetti, Hope Mills, NC
782. Jean Capacetti
783. Julio Capacetti
784. Edna Capacetti
785. Carlos Capacetti
786. Julio A. Capacetti
787. Aida Capacetti
788. Joey Burke
789. Kristina Harris
790. Krystal Gibson
791. Ashley Miller
792. Matt Santiago
793. rachel ammons
794. Louis Agaliotis...In memory of a co-workers daughter and wife that was killed by a drunk driver
795. Jennifer Kirk
796. Charity clabo
797. Ashley Miller
798. Jessica Collins
799.~Michael Matthews~
800. Jessica Burns
801. Shelley Hyde
802. Heather Pierce
803. Nancy bell
804. Dawn Toomey
805. Deirdree Marron
806. Brenda Mckruit
807. Rhonda Mckruit
808. Crystal Minda
809. Ashley Hagan............In memory of my cousin who was killed by a drunk.
811. LeRoy Mondier, Okla
812. Rita Mondier, Okla
813. mark banks, tulsa, okla
814. Mark Allen Ormand, Tulsa, Okla
815. Jaleen DeMeritt, Tucson, AZ
816. AJ DeMeritt, Tucson, AZ
817. Rebecca Flynn, Sah uarita, AZ
818. Heather Evans, Joshua, TX (Best friend killed while under influence of drugs and alcohol.)
819. Donald Pruett burleson TX ( in memory of my cousin who was killed by a drunk driver)
820. Brittany Billings, Burleson, TX
821. D'Anna Hamilton, Burleson, TX
822. Brandy Cox, Arlington, TX
823. Amber Dorough, Arlington, TX
824. Cody Blankenship,Arlington TX.............In memory of my aunt who was killed at age17 from a drunk driver
825. Kimberly-Rose Black, Eagle Mountain UT
826. Erin Pelaez, AZ
827. Ameema Ahmed, AZ
828. Katie McCluer, AZ
829. Brittany Wideman AZ
830. Shawn Browder AZ
831. Kathryn Wardian AZ
832. Tiffany Hudock AZ
833. Jacquie Kennedy AZ
834. Sarah Graves TX
835. mercedes de la Sierra GA
836. Katie Riley
837. Brigid Tuschen-In memory of Tony... drinking and driving and not wearing a seatbelt
838. Kelsey Chase
841.*Kristin Chippari New York,Poughkeepsie*
842. StePhanie M. BklYn Ny
843. Marina S. NY
844. Emily D. NY
845. Doris-Anne Caban, FL
846. Eileen Stone, PR
847. Christine D. Marquez PR
848. C. Rodz., PR
849. Z. Benitez. , P.R.
850. W.Franco, P.R.
851. S.Lancara, P.R
852. Omayra Orama, PR
853. Alberto Ramos, PR
854. Michelle Diaz, PR
855. Rosa Ivette Cap?Irizarry, Puerto Rico.
856. Linda Marie Torres Cruz, Puerto Rico
857. Lilliana Hernandez, Puerto Rico
858. Doris A. Andujar, Puerto Rico
859. Emelia Whitaker, PR
860. Yanira Ramirez-Carrero, Puerto Rico
861. Grazina Pag? -Figueroa, Puerto Rico.
862. Myriam I. Cardona, PR
863. Lilliam I. Echevarria, FL
864. Dinorah Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
865. Berlisse D. Rodr?uez, Puerto Rico
866. Keyla M. V?ez Arroyo, Puerto Rico
867. Andrea M. Fuentes S?chez, Puerto Rico
868. Judith J. Ram?ez Pag?, Puerto Rico
869. Mara Antequera Cab?, Puerto Rico
871. V. Summa NY, NY
872. J. Khoury Brooklyn,N.Y.
873. Michelle Esposito, Brooklyn, NY
874. Jim Espostio, Brooklyn, NY
875. AJ Chimento, Brooklyn, NY
876. Dawn Perez, Brooklyn, NY
877. Nicole Gaglia, Brooklyn, NY
888. Elizabeth Caglio, Brooklyn, NY
889. Steven Diomede, Brooklyn, NY
890. Erika Swan, Ellicott City, MD
891. Kristina Swan, Ellicott City, MD
892. Danielle Helwig, Ellicott City, MD
893. Ashley P., Elkridge,MD
894. Marge Patz
895. Cheryl Knight, Elkridge, MD
896. Pat Knight, Elkridge, Md.
897. George Knight, Elkridge, Md
898. Kelcey Knight, Ellicott City, MD
899. Becky Roach, Ellicott City, MD
900. Judith Ayers, New Park, pa
901. K. Bolling, Randallstown, MD
902 H. Bolling, Randallstown, MD
903. L. Bolling, Randallstown, MD
904. S Bennett, Madison Hts MI
905. K. Bennett Madison Hts, MI
906. K.A. Bennett Madison Hts, MI
907. M. Idoni Michigan
908 C. B. Bennett Madison Hts MI
910. E.M. Bennett Madison Hts MI
911. D Egle Sterling H eights MI
912. C. Sears, Warren MI
913. Stephanie Tapey
914. Nobe Barragan, Evans, CO
xoxo *~J~E~A~* xoxo
920. Kitty Gray Greeley CO
921. Josh Houtchens: Greeley, Co
923. Crystal Zelinger...greeley, co (i admit i do drink and drive sometimes...this just tells me to think more before i do it...and i horribly sorry to anyone who has lost somebody due to this issue...may they rest in peace............i hope this does make it to pres. bush...though i dont think he will do anything..if it does....(bush- FUCK YOU!)...)
924. Heather Carr..
925. Cherise Ai
926. sianna tanaka-mangus
927. Candice Renee Farmer
928. Jordan Rosario
929. Amber-Leigh Anduha HI.
930. Chelsea Adachi, HI... I think i signed this before... I forget.
931. Amanda Robinson
932. Tasia Tumbaga
933. Aleka Lyman
934. Zachary Pang, HI
935. Charles Marks
936. Jasmine Wescott- HI
937. CAMi SiLVA- 8o8 STATE//HAWAii
938. KrIsTeN oShIro- (WaIpIo, hawaii)
939.CoRy Asato-pearl's hawaii
940. Bridgette Crespo-New Jersey
941.monica saldana-IL
942.Amanda L
943.Kalee H.-IL
944.Jarrad B.- VA
945. Tatiana J. VA
946. Judith O. VA
947. Patrick S. VA
948. Janay B. ViRGiNiA BeAcH, ViRGiNiA
949. Christina E. Va Beach, VA
950. Alyssa R. Jones Va Beach, VA
951. Anthony F. Hernandez, Virginia Beach
952. Nate J. Collins, Virginia Beach
953. Stephanie J Bobotas, Virginia Beach
954. Bre-va
955. Jonathan - Va
956. Shannon-NJ
957. Steve - Nj (r.i.p. mike p. drunk driving accident victim from my school)
958. Kelly ~ Indiana
959. Alex Newman - Austin, TX
960. Jay Miles-Austin, Texas
961.Isabel .C.-Austin, TX
962. Stormy L.~ College Station, TX
963. Madison Aaron - Austin, TX
964. samantha campbell~ marysville, wa
965.Lyndley Hillebrand~montebello CA
966. Laura DeMaio, plymouth Ma
967. Brian Belcher , Saugus Ma
968. David, Revere, MA
969. Erik, Everett, MA
970. CHERYL, everett, MA
971. Laura, Everett, Ma
972* m0NIcA* EveReTT mAss.
973- Rob, Long Island, NY
974- steve schuchman,ny
975. - Paul Maggio, NY
976. Tom Casey, Long Island,NY(r.i.p. brian,my cousin, killed by a drunk driver)
977. Anthony Ayers, LI, NY
978.brian brown,LI Ny
979.Jillian Meehan, LI NY
980.Caitlin, Long Island, NY
981. Jeanne ; Long Island ny
982. Kristina ; Long Island NY
983. Craig ; Jackson, NJ
984. Jackie; Vernon, NJ
985. John caps, west milford NJ
986. Kristina hayes- teaneck nj
987. Kaitlin Nicolini- Leonia, NJ
988. Nina Marcos- norwood, nj
989.Matt Butler,ho-ho-kus,nj
990. Grace Falconer, long island NY
991. chris dechent , long island ny
992. Noelle Zachry *Long Island, NY*
993. ashley * long island NY
994. Angelyse * LI Ny
995. Krystie : LI NY
996. Alexis . Long Island, New York*.
997. steven- long island new york
998. *Stephanie*~LI Ny
1000.Elizabeth- Lb california
1001. Dennis- Orange CA
1002. Charles - Orange, CA
1003. Blaise Meadows - Orange CA.
1004. Christina S- Chicago, Il
1005.Kalvin R.-Ft.myers,FL
1006.Rob B.-Ft.myers,FL
1007.Teresa B.-Ft.Myers, FL
1008.Elizabeth m.-ft.myers, fl
1009. Nychole Manning - Cape Coral, Fl
1010. Michael Schoone- Ft. Myers, FL
1011. Elise Mullins- Miami, FL- In memory of Helen Witty and Eric

1012. Andrew Quiroz - San Jose, Ca
1013. Cristi Bocci - san jose, CA
1014. Michelle Davis--San Jose, CA
1015. Matthew Smith - Saratoga, California
1016. Garik Iosilevsky- San Jose/Campbell, California
1017. Jacob Publicover- Saratoga, CA
1018. Ryan Magana- San Jose, CA
1019. X Shaian Mohammadi - Saratoga, CA
1020. Artem Ovsyannikov - Sunnyvale, CA
1021. Cheri Mutz- Sunnyvale, CA
1022. Ryan Ticer - Orangevale, CA
1033. Kyle Prescott - Sunnyvale, CA
1034. mah~shell - Sunnyvale, CA
1035. michael gambill - Sunnyvale, CA
1036.Karen Joy pablo- Sunnyvale,CA
1037. Paul Molina- Sunnyvale,CA .. for all those who have lost their lives due to another's irresponsible actions
1037. jeremy christal-sunnyvale, c.a
1038-Erica Fernandez-Santa Clara, CA
1039. Logan Almeida- Tracy, CA.
1040. Caitlyn Fonda- San Jose CA
1041. Jeff Mardock- San Jose, CA.
1042. jennifer canale-downey CA.
1043. Thomas Rodriguez- Norwalk, CA.
1044. ceasar delarosa-downey,CA
1045.Tricia Jimenez-Riverside,CA
1046.blake locko- riverside cali
1047. DEANA So CAli
1048. Robby- So. Cal.
1049. Tsmmy Van Dorn, riverside CA
1050. Tiffany Sheffler, Riverside CA
1051. Goldie Tang, Riverside, CA
1052.NaTaLiE CoRrAlEs-FoNtAnA, C.a.
1053. Corissa Ray, Rancho , CA
1054.Chelsea Dapper, Loma, Cali
1055. Megan Glavaz i <3 joseph! CA
1057. Christina Corral, CA
1058. Miguel Cruz, CA
1058. Luis Garcia, CA
1059. Bradley Payne
1060. Samantha Hearne
1062. Anastasia Shotola!!
1063. John M. McGuire Pomona NJ
1064. Kayla R. Sumter, SC
1065. Lauren C. Montvale, NJ
1066. Jamie, NY
1067. Tyler C, Washougal, Wa
1068. Michael S. Washougal, Wa
1069. Jennifer Chapin, IL (to my parents friend..hit by a drunk driver n killed her n her baby..she was pregnant)
1070. Mike Howell, Palatine ,IL
1071. Mandy Peterson, WI
1072. Erin Granbury Texas
1073. Kurt Reneker(to my best friend and my best friends brother, RIP man, drinkin and drivin got you no where, whyd u make that choice?)
1074. Jordann McNamara, Riverside, Ca
1075.Kassidi Flinn, Riverside, Ca.
1076. Charlene Ayala: Riverside CA
1077.Scottine Hill (Riverside,ca) In memory of my best friend,Joshua Michael Gracia, who was killed in a drunk driving accident.(12/12/04)
1078.Stephanie Walters~Ontario,Ca. In loving memory of my b/f, my everything, joshua gracia, drunk drving accident.
1079. Stuart Crayk, Ontario CA
1080. Steven Lee, Ontario CA
1081.Andrew Valles,Ontario California
1082. Emily Alford, long beach CA
1083. Tricia Becker, Las Vegas, NV
1084. Melissa Rowe, Las Vegas,NV
1085. CaitLin KeenEY, Las vEgAS, NV
1086. Nick Gulli, Las Vegas, NV
1087. marcee ruiz, lV,nV
1088. Stephanie Spinner, LV, NV
1089.Kyle Zahm, Las Vegas,NV
1090.Samantha wadkins!,Las Vegas, NV
1091.jonathan mason! sin city NV
1092.Jeremy stoeklen,las vegas NV
1093. Tara Frantz, Las Vegas NV!
1094. Brittney Buhl, Las Vegas, NV...
1095.Shannon LaMantia, Las Vegas,NV
1069.Kenny Martin, Las Vegas, NV ~* RIP KYLE TRAVIS AND JOSH
1070. Danica Christensen, Newport Beach, CA... RIP Everyone that has been lost!!
1071. Raeanne Owens, Newport Beach, Ca LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE ITS UR LAST DAY TO LIVE.
1073.Krystal Wright, Newport Beach, Ca
1076. Zac Sepulveda, Newport Beach, CA
1077. Tyson McKenzie, Newport Beach, CA
1078. Marisha Thompson Costa Mesa Ca
1079. Patrick Keehan Newport Beach CA
1080. Ruben Ordaz, Costa Mesa, CA
1081. Christopher Thompson, Costa Mesa, CA
1082. Ariel Ruby, Cypress CA
1083. Susan Williams, Atlanta GA
1084. Kathrine R. Torcom IL
1085. Erika K. IL
1086. HeatherMarie, NC *sigh*
1087. Drew Davis Tulsa, Ok
1088. tiffany williams - east brady, PA
1089. Jesse Fechter - Crystal River FL.
1090. Sean McDonald - Butler Pennsylvania
1091. Julie Bingham- Monroe, New York
1092. Adem Snyder- Monroe, New York
1093. Korissa Serrano-Monroe, NY
1094. Katie Sosa-Monroe, NY
1095. Sarah Walsh Monroe, NY
1096.Danielle DeFreese-Washingtonville, NY
1097.Tara Haring - Washingtonville, NY
1098.Jen Harrington washingtonville, ny
1099. Jess Linker- Washingtonville, NY
1100.Kevin Quinn Northport, NY
1101. Debbie Golub, E. Npt., Ny
1102. Joe Woiczechowski, E. NPT., NY
1103. Rick Silecchio, E. Npt , NY
1104. Sammi Cianti, Npt, NY
1105. Dave Tirelli NY In memory of Andy
1106. Bryan Waag BAyport N.Y.
1107. Ryan Schwall>Blue Point, New YOrk
1108. Pat Tartaro Bayport NY
1109. sue walsh Bayport NY
1110. steve schuchman rockypoint ny
1111.Evan delacruz rockypoint ny
1112.Michelle Corieri kenmore ny
1113.ily phelps-nashville T.N
1114.amber lynn TN
1115.Kristen Michelle*TN
1116.Amanda Ward TN>
1117.Meredith Denning |[TN]|
1118. Dlayne Kaye *NV
1119. Mike O'Malley *PA
1120. Sarah Blackburn - PA
1121. Jared Berry__PA
1122. Jessica Cecelon- Pa.
1123. Taralyn , PA
1124. Amie * PA
1125. Kyle Clifford, Pennsylvania
1126. crystal barski, NY
1127. Lexi Driscoll, New York
1128. Maureen Stivers, NY
1128. Lissette Aguilar, las vegas
1129. Bryne, Vegas
1130. William Trevilla, Los Angeles-- In Memory of future Victims.
1131. Nicole Gonzales, Los Angeles
1132. Cesar , LA. CA
1133. Veekas Shrivastav. Tempe AZ
1134. Michael Berg, Tempe AZ
1135. Wayne Unger, Chandler AZ
1136. Danielle Bacon -- Tempe AZ
1137. Kerry Lorenz--- Tempe Arizona
1138. Jordan Litzinger -- Tempe, AZ
1139.Megan Harvey-- Chandler, AZ
1140.Robbie Hess---Chandler , AZ
1141. BEAU KOWALINSKI~RIP chris jefferies (my bomb ass cousin)
1142.Kendell Critchett-Chandler,AZ
1143.Cassie Norris. cHaNdLeR, AZ.
1144. Amelia Pi?. chandler, AZ.
1145. Miles Wimberly. whittier, CA
1147. Shrekanova, whittier, CA
1149. Joselyn Pe?, Whittier CA.
1150. Melissa Chandler. whittier ca/ rip.. to the uncle i never knew because of a drunk driver
1151. Amber Anderson, Whittier, CA rip randy coffey...
1152. Tim Lloyd,corona ,ca rip L.M.D we love you girl
1153. Kaycee Smith, Corona, CA -RIP Lauren..we miss ya
1154. Rachelle Cook, Corona, CA
1155. Jess Richau, Corona, CA *RIP Lauren! I love you always!*
1156. Justin Miller, Lake Elsinore Ca
1157. Tyler Lemen, Corona CA
1158. Ryan Briones, Corona CA
1159. Bryan Wade, Corona CA
1160. Rodney Ly, Garden Grove CA
1161. Tina Thaouyen Tran, Lake Elsinore CA
1162. Gina D. Solis-Bautista, Murrieta, CA
1163. Gilbert C Brillo-San Diego, CA
1164. Mike Mains-San Diego, CA
1165. Michelle Kraut- El Cajon, CA
1166. Nikkie Weiss- Agua Dulce, Ca.
1167. Molly Draper - Acton, CA.
1168. Michelle Rousseau-Agua Dulce, CA
1169. Stephanie Parr - Acton,CA
1170. SaLLy I.- Northridge, CA
1171.Mariah R-buena Park, CA
1172. Reina D- N. las vegas, NV
1173. kalani miller LV, in loving memory~verna elie
1174. Ashley LosAngeles,CA
1175. Luke-- Fairfax, VA
1176. Armando- Bristow, Va.
1177. Jessica ~Chester, CT
1178. Brian ~Ronkonkoma, NY
1179. Sandi G ~Farmingdale, NY Inloving memory of (FINK) aka Shiggidy Shaun Ropolo. We all love & miss you so much. 3/3/2000
1180. Jimmy & Brian Morris, MI In Memory of..
1181. Jason Jenette, MI In memory of...
1182. ALEXANDER memory of my boys and they know who they are
1183. Mr. Edward Meehan a.k.a. Cancers a.k.a. the last underground artist
1184. Sean Ogburn ?Oggy? Texarkana, AR. ? To Mike D., Brad H. and myself, and other victims of other peoples' stupidity. ?
1185. Brittany T.~North olmsted ohio
1186. Tina Tamas-Westlake, Ohio
1187. Kate Sweeney ~ Lakewood, OH
1188. Amanda Parrish~Debary, Fl *RIP Tom*
1189. Charles Lewis~Winter Springs, FL
1190. Danielle Gally~ Atco, New Jersey
1191. Stacey Gallow... redwood city, cali
1192. Becky seelos Cali
1193. emily, cali
1196. Devon F.-CA
1197. Lauren - ca
1198. marlene-ca
1199. phil-ca
1200. charlotte-ca
1201. chrisi-ca
1202. vince-ca
1203. Stephanie-Cali
1204. Karina-Ca
1205.Deena Wayne-survivior of an accident caused by a drunk driver feb.2001
1206.Travis- California
1207.Brent - California
1208.Nichole Jones-California
1209. Jolie Clifford-NY
1210. Zac Chardavoyne - NY
1211. Mike Durnin - NY
1212. Michelle Clerico-NY ^he is soo sexy n i love him
1213.salina> cali
1214: Julie NJ
1215: jaclyn jersey
1216: laura NJ
1217 - Pierre, Paris
1218. Mia H.*
1219. Dion
1220. Tyler- AZ
1221. Ryan Mulcahy-AZ
1222. Liz Britton-Az
1223. Tony Poston ~Arizona
1224. Nessa H. ~Scottsdale, AZ
1225. Astari Wilson~ Arizona
1226. Lindsay H.~Chandler, AZ
1227. Matt R. ~ Tempe, AZ...I want Lindsay H.....
1228. Krystal H. ~~~ Chandler, AZ
1229. Konrad A. Chandler, Az.
1230. Cristalle - Tempe, AZ
1232.Ricky Chacon - Gilbert, AZ.
1233. Tyler Coleman- Chandler, AZ
1234. Melissa A. Freyermuth- Phoenix, Az
1235. Megan Higgins ~ Phoenix, AZ
1236. Tatum Lyon... Phoenix, AZ.
1237. Ben Hinshaw.. phoenix az
1238. Chelsea Lyles - peoria, az
1239. Steve-O: Scottsdale, AZ
1240. Stephanie: Phoenix,Az
1241. Barbara~ Scottsdale, AZ
1242.Catherine:... Scottsdale, Az
1243. Devin F: Phoenix AZ -R.I.P. Jessie (hit by drunk driver. she was my cousin)
1244. xtroyx: surprise AZ
1245. Hamersky - San Diego, CA
1246. Kimmberlee- San Diego, CA
1247. Ashlie-San Diego,CA
1248. Kaila Smith - San Diego, CA
1249 . Michelle Green - San Diego, CA
1250. Lauren Mueller-San Diego, CA
1251. Lauren Young- San Diego, CA
1252. Kevin Corcoran - San Diego, CA (Hope this works guys!)
1253. Brooke Cowan-San Diego, CA
1254. Daniel R- Huntington Beach CA
1255. Blaire Pistoia- Long Beach, CA
1256. Chloe Hernandez-Huntington Beach, CA!(dont drink and drive....this could b u killing an innocent person.)
1257.Sara Sewell-Huntington beach,ca.........Drinking and driving kills.......... mayb not u but other ppl!!!
1258. leanne perkins huntington beach california To sign this petition
1259. Jessica Noesen Huntington Beach, CA for the sake of all people....please sign it
1260. kaylee walk
1261. Rachel Sweezy
1262. Camilel saenz
1263.HeAtHeR cHrIsCo-garden grove cali
1264. chelsea palmore~ garden grove cali
1265.joey barela~garden grove cali
1266.kandee lynn~ la mirada cali
1267. Paul Grissman II- buena park cali
1268.Rosalyn McCarron- Seal Beach, CA
1269. Christopher Dines - westminster, ca
1270. Jackie Martinez - westminster, CA
1271. Kevin Scholz-westminster Ca
1272. Megan J.- westminster Ca
1273. Erika Roberts-Westminster, CA
1274. arnel garcia arneezy garceezy long beach ca
1275. Nadia Rios-Gardena,CA
1276. Rachel Anderson-Marina, CA
1277. Jason Westcott - Charlotte, Nc
1278. Bella Marie
1280. Alisha - Dewey Beach, DE
1281. Todd - Seaford, DE
1282. Angel- Fayetteville, Pa
1283. Nelson Helland - Gresham, OR
1284. Brad wilson - Mesa, AZ
1285. Mitch Mccarley- Mesa AZ
1286. Adam Sumner-Mesa AZ
1287. Samantha Aronow-Tucson, Az
1288. Liz Johnson-Tucson, Az
1289.Sierra Martin-Sammamish wa
1290. Scott Hetkowski
1291.Nicole Wright
1292.N. Almeda, Staten Island, NY
1293. V.T.Martz, Staten Island, NY
1294. J.Novoa, Staten Island, NY
1295. S. Santana; Brooklyn, NY
1296. Johntodd Wallace, Chattanooga, TN
1297. Jeff Gunerson - Harford County, MD
1298.Vikkeh Smoter-Laurel, MD for rob <3 and michelle who didn't make it and for katie who is still recovering. We miss you guys
1299. Brian Heberer-Woodbridge VA
1300. Sarah Shevlin- Woodbridge VA
1301. Kristen Mueller- Woodbridge VA
1302.Emma Quinn- woodbridge VA
1303. Tom Lowe-woodbridge VA
1304. Erica Hagardorn- Manassas, VA
1305. Jenny Duquette-Manassas, VA
1306. Blake Devins-Woodbridge, VA. In memory of Wes Griggs. Miss you bro, keep drumming...
1307. Celeste Culp- Woodbridge, Va~ RIP Kev, Arion, Wes, JD, and Anna
1308, Jake Ripley, Gray, ME.
1309.Lindsey Williams, Westbrook ME.
1310. Nolan Moon, South Portland, ME - In Memory of all the people who have been killed by drunk Drivers.
1311. Sonali, LonG iSlanD, NY
1312. Jamal, long, island, Ny
1313. Chrissy, Scottsdale, AZ
1314. Andrea, Arizona
1315. Matt, Scottsdale AZ
1316. sara,plymouth MI-this ones for you todd even if i didnt know you
1317. Jeremy Angel...Canton Michigan
1318. Cory, Canton MI
1319. Erin Davison, Canton MI
1320. Maggie Burr, Canton MI
1321. Lauren Patterson, Canton MI
1322. Jennifer Khoury, Canton, MI
1323. Troy Brown..Plymouth, MI
1324. Rebecca Williams- For Todd and anyone who have gone through the pain of losing someone to a drunk driver.
1325. Brynn--plymouth, mi
1326. Amanda B. --Canton, MI
1327.Alyse Fuller-Canton,MI
1328. Nha Wright-New York
1329.Stephanie Siegel-New York
1330. Marissa D- NY
1331. Andrew Bennett-OH
1332. Phebe Buster-OH
1333. Emma Buster - OH
1334. Cleo Buster - MA
1335. J. Holden Gibbons-Shaker Heights, OH
1336. ChiCh N--- Cleve, Ohio
1337. Krystal Smith-Cleveland,Oh
1338. Farah A - CLE
1339. Tanya S-CLE
1340. Jen Chevrier.-Solon, OH
1341. Christina Chevrier- Solon, Oh
1342. Leah Elsmore- CLE
1344. Sonny - Irmo, South Carolina
1345. Zhyra Castillo- Gilbert, AZ
1346.Nicole Syfritt- mesa,az
1347. Kevin Duffy - Northborough Mass.
1348. Alyssa Fucci - Southboro Mass.
1349. Tom Rossi- Derry N.H.
1350. jAMie Mitcham- Dallas, Texas
1351. anth0ny f0ley-orlando florida
1352. Susan Egner-Orlando FLorida
1353. Sean Knuuttila- Orlando Florida
1354. Christine Lantz - Burke, Virginia - In memory of Chad B. [(New Orleans, Louisiana)] Drinking and Driving KiLLS..
1355. Samantha Brown- Burke, Virginia
1356. Alex Gregory- burke, Va
1357.Theresa Holland- Virginia
1359. Shawn Noble - San Diego, CA
1360. Tina Marie P. - Queens.NYC { in memory of Becca. Nov 19 1361 - Sep 5 2004 }
1362. Toby Cook - Federal Way, WA
1364. KirsteN Mc MurpHY, Federal Way, WA
1365. James Rasmussen, Federal Way, WA
1366. Breanna McCallister, Seattle, WA
1367. Brennan Smith, Pullman, WA
1368. Austin Wells, Keaau HI
1369. Krista Jacobson, Vancouver, WA
1370. Jason Jones, Vancouver, WA
1371. Chelsea O, Vancouver, WA
1372. Justin W. , Vancouver, WA
1373. Heather Brooks,Grand Island, NY
1374. Kortni H. Colo Sprgs CO
1375. Alexandra C.
1376. Amanda F - Yorktown , NY
1377. Breezy Good - Yorktown , NY
1378. Jackie R - Yorktown, NY
1379. Sarina K. - Yorktown, NY
1380. Rich L. -- East Fishkill NY
1381. Joe Brown-- Mahopac, NY
1382. Cris F. -- mahopac,ny
1383. Annie Dizon - Yonkers, NY
1384. Elisa M.- Bronx, NY
1385.danielle j.-bronx,ny
1386. reina g.-ramapo
1387. Christine G. Spring Valley, Ny
1388. Jillian M. New york
1389. Paul H. New York
1390. Sofia M. New York
1391. Keith K. New York
1392. Mike C. New York
1393. Ryan O. Suffern, NY
1394. Juan Cilento, Airmont, NY
1395. Erica Lee. Nanuet, NY
1396. Chrissy O. Suffern NY
1397. Heather J. -- Mount Laurel, NJ
1398. Sarah S. Mount laurel,NJ
1399.Andrew Weight Mount laurel NJ
1400.Steve Hoffman, Riverside NJ
1401. Nicole Abriola , New Jersey
1402.Jiffy Sant'Anna,Delran,New Jersey
1403 Jasmine Miller riverside N.j
1404 Marc Horwitz, Delran NJ
1405. Kiley Marx, Delran NJ
1406. Katie Abdill, Delran NJ
1407. Holly, NJ
1408. Kate Harley, Delran NJ
1409. Critter, Ohio
1410.Hava,Franklin lakes,NJ
1411. Alex Beebe, Southampton NJ
1412. Cami, Tabernacle NJ
1413. Joe, Indian Mills, nj
1414. Becca, Indian Mills, NJ
1415. Paisley, Tabernacle, NJ
1416. leah, Indian Mills, NJ
1417. Jenna, tabernacle, NJ
1418. sarah, tabernacle, nj
1419. katie, nj
1420. beCki leE- tabernacle, nj
1421. Bob- tabernacle, nj
1422. keebler-tabernacle,nj
1423. Frank-Tabernacle, NJ
1434. callie-indian mills, nj
1436. Jena- Ocean City, MD
1437. Josh-Moorestown, NJ
1438. Anna-Moorestown, NJ
1439. Amanda
1440. Stacy-cherry hill, nj
1441. Emily R. - Dix hills, NY
1442. Francesca T. -- Levittown <3
1443. Matt S. Dix Hills, NY
1444. Maggie S. Dix Hills, Ny
1445.Bryan T Powhatan,Va
1446.Carrie M. Richmond, Va
1447.GREG MORGAN h-town, tx
1448.Brittney A. Vice East Hampton CT
1449.Dave Tilley - Hebron CT thats me and drunk drivers suck
1450: Chris Novak - Hebron, CT
1451. Tori Chesnutt- Marlborough CT... RIP MK and CD
1452. Bryce L. Monahan-Columbia CT
1453. Lauren Joyal Plymouth Ma
1454.Alison C. Ma
1455. Derek R. - Massachusetts
1456. Maggie C - Mass
1457. Courtney N - Mass
1458. Sam B. - Mass
1459. Darcie B. -Mass
1460. Kellie G.-Mass
1461. Angela N.-Mass
1462. Hillary C- Mass
1463. Katie F.-Mass
1464. Dani B - Mass
1465. Mark S- NJ
1466. Cj - MA
1467. Nick-VS,NY
1468. Katie - LI, NY
1469. Matt - NY
1470. kim barile
1471. mike dito
1472. kathie dito
1473. matt fields
1474. matt dito
1475. phil- LI, NY
1476. Chris Roger LI, NY
1477. Fritz Martelly, Ny & FL
1478. Lauren - FL
1479. Frankie - FL (In memory of Mr. Nkafor) - you are missed my friend!
1480. Alexandria Lewis - FL
1481.Ashley Anderson-FL
1482. *-* Jadey x0o -- FL *-*
1483. Justin-FL
1485. Shelby_FL
1486- Allison FL.
1487- Julie FL
1488- Alyssa Fl.
1489- Tessa Fl.
1490- Amanda Nicole Naranjo, Fl.
1491- Chelsea, Fl.
1492- B. Maughn, Fl.
1493- danielle ♥ Fl.
1494- Nicole FL
1495- Josh Wolski, FL
1496-Monica Reiken, FL
1497-Krystal Gillette, FL
1498- diana koch, fl
1499- Katie Durham, FL
1500-Julian Perez, FL
1501-Siobhan Terhune, FL
1502-Steve Harmer, Middletown Delaware
1503- Megan Kinley, DE
1502 - Julia Blomquist, DE
1503- Michael David Ross, DE
1504. Christi Gilsdorf Middletown, DE
1505. Tom Harvey Townsend DE
1506. Sarah Mortimer, Bear DE
1507. Andrew Mora, Newark DE
1508. Maricela Gomez, CA
1509. Yesenia Rodriguez, santa ana, CA
1510. Sarah villalobos, Santa Ana, CA
1511. Ewdy Ramos. Garden Grove,CA
1512. crystal j. granados
1513. Dennis Jiron
1514.lindsay qualls
1515.Stefanie Hibler Gresham Oregon~this story touched me lots i will never drink and drive
1516. marissela
1517.Brianna Melcher awwww i cried
1518. Stephanie Aponte- this is soo sad and i promise never to drink snd drive!
1519. Nina Williams- omg this is so sad. I PROMISE NEVER TO DRINK AND DRIVE i dont wanna be one to kill another person!! im so sorry.
1520. Conner Barry- damn that sucks
1521.Grady Boardman
1521.Dylan Sclater
1522. Nikki Thomas
1523. Liz Papanek.
1524. Sam Lindsay.
1525. Chelsea Henderson
1526. carly =[
1527. hayley hogan ='(
1528. Rusty.
1529. zack
1530. Jeanna<3
1531. Ben Durland
1532.Joe Lanier
1533.linda cervone
1534.Jessica V
1535. JeSSica
1536. Cameron S
1537. Caroline
1538. Aubrey
1539. erik woodruff, randolph, NJ
1540.Kelsey Bell
1541.Lisa miller
1542. Angel T ~ Decatur IL ~ R/I/P ~ India Owen~ Killed by a drunk driver...
1543. Greg:R: Decatur IL ~ R.I.P. Jamie Gilstrap~ killed by a drunk driver....
1544. Will Gerling: DecaturIL (for all those hurt or killed by complete ignorance rip always in the hearts of your families-uncle ted hurt by drunk driving and lucky to be alive.)
1545. Joshua Moffett
1546. Katie Wood. Illinois
1547. Courtni Bolt...Decatur, IL
1548. Melissa Appleman Decatur,IL
1549. Whitney Copeland~ Illinois
1550. Chaz B. Decatur.IL
1551. Michelle Wilson Decatur,IL
1552. Jennifer Roberts~Sentinel, Ok
1553.Mamie Gaytan~Harker Hieghts,Tx.
1554. Jennifer Davis~ Greenfield, IA
1555. Jennifer Danielson~ Creston, Iowa
1556 Lacey Dunning ~ Creston Iowa
1557. Crystal Eggers-Stewart~Kellerton, IA
1558. Shawna kerr-mo
1559.Melissa Knox-Nash
1560.Amber Moore-Independence,Mo
1561.Richard Moore-Indpendence,Mo
1562.Havannah Moore-Indpendence,Mo
1563Kaylee Costanza-Kansas City,MO
1564.Theresa Froese - Lenexa, KS (survivor of accident caused by drunk driver that left permanent damage)
1565. Shoni Andrews - Blue Springs, MO
1566. Kevin Tew - Elk City, OK
1567.Laura Wilson - Tahlequah,OK.
1568.Brenda Podtburg---Ok
1569. Randy Rubel....Boyd Tx
1570. Laurie Gagne..Tx
1571. Becky Garrett... Burleson, TX.
1572. Heather Kemp.....Lyons, GA
1573.Becky Stevens.......Tarrytown,GA
1574.Andrea McKay--------------------------Ft. Lewis, WA
1575.Robon Mckay............Ft. Lewis, WA
1576. Noelle Chase------ Eugene, OR
1577.April Perry.........Oregon
1578.Rita Miller*********Peoria,il
1579. Tabatha Miller peoria,il
1580. Deana Lawson Pekin, IL
1581. Rietta LEwis, Morton, IL
1582. TERESA SHELTON..Bloomington,IL
1583. Lindsey Marie Schurr, --- Deland FL
1584. Kristen Arnold@@@@philly,pa
1585. Danielle B. NY
1588.Kaitlyn Wynkoop-----Tx.
1589. Ashleigh Kiefer <>< Tx
1590.♥Bailey Samantha Mae Allison♥~~TX
1591. maggie mae. tx.
1520. jake miller. tx.
1521. Dallas A. Tunnell ,TX
1522. Justin adams, TX
1523.Kassie Chatelain, TX
1524.Breanna Nederland.Tx
1525.Obie Duncan Nederland Tx
1526. Kacy Gotte Nederland, Tx
1527. halee Nederland Tx
1528. Ashley R. Nederland, TX
1529. Dakota nielssen. nederland, tx
1530. zach guidry Nederland TX
1531. Taylor Clark, Beaumont, TX
1532.. Kerrie Maurich, TX
1533..... nicole sewell <3, Tx
1534.......Jacoby Carrington
1535........emily credeur.TX.
1536..desire' jones
1537.......Ashton Miller...
1538....Marisol Hernandez
1539....Rachel Broussard
1540....Zachary Palmer
1541.... ♥Natalie Lagrone♥
1544......... GaLiNa - I got hit by a drunk driver who did a sit n run. If you have the balls to open this n read it caz of wat u did to me n my friends, then call me n say sorry for wat you did!!! I know who u are....
1547. *~* Krystine Anderson, B-Town FL *~*
1548. Sarah Harris
1549. brandi bellino
1550....Taylor Peel
1552.... jarod
1554. loren
1556. RAQUEL
1557. GREG
1558. Cheryl
1559. Ramon
1560. Amanda
1561. Mike
1562. Bonnie
1563. Bob Anastasia, NY
1564. Kim Delgado, NY
1565. Matt W. Olean ,NY
1566. Pamela M. Pa. h. pa
1568. Tracy Hensley
1569. Paul Hensley
1570. Lori Tucker
1571. Sue Ann Williams (My heart goes out to all who have been through hell and who are now in heaven)
1572.Melinda Ackley~~Bradford, PA
1573.Chelsey Ackley - Jacksonville, NC
1574. Sarah Bragg - Roxboro, NC
1575. Amy Clements- Purcellville, VA
1576. Michael Schoenewolf - Alexandria, VA
1577. Jennifer Sill - Alexandria, VA
1578. Jennifer R - Alexandria, VA
1579. Antonio III - Alexandria, VA
1580. Renee Hamm
1581. Gina Harris
1582. Patricia Osborne
1583. Lindsey Britt - Lumberton, N.C.
1584. Christin Daniels- Clarksville, Tn. My uncle was killed by a drunk driver, so I stand firm for this petition. God bless all!!!
1585. Jennie Powell--Augusta, GA
1586. Kitty Clumm ~ Columbus, OH
1587. Michelle Chambers-Ga
1588. Chris Chambers-Ga
1589. Marlana Koref- Ga
1590.Cindy Grosscup-Ga
1591.Robert Groscup-Ga
1592.Jenniffer Becks-Ga
1593. Stephanie Peace-CO

When this petition has reached 5,000...please
return it to:
PO Box 541688
Dallas , TX 75354-1688
1-800-GET-MADD (1-800-438-6233 )

If you receive this petition and do nothing but delete it, your selfishness knows no bounds. Signing is such a small effort to make.

After you have read the poem, please add your name at the bottom. And never forget, DON'T EVER DRINK AND DRIVE, not
even once, thinking that it won't matter. IT DEFINITELY WILL MATTER!!!

How to set it up:

1. Copy the whole thing.
2. Paste it into a new bulletin.
4. Then hit pos

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Become a Carbon Concious Consumer!

Why you should take this pledge:
Everything we consume has a climate impact, but manufacturing and trucking water bottles to homes with clean tap water seems particularly wasteful. The Beverage Marketing Corporation reports that Americans consumed 31.2 billion liters of water in 2006 – nearly 9 liters per month for every man, woman, and child.

Manufacturing all those bottles requires 900,000 tons of plastic, the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil, and emit more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. Trucking around all those heavy bottles emits even more greenhouse gases. Beyond the climate impact there’s the massive waste – 86% of water bottles aren’t recycled -- and water bottling is also, ironically, a very water-intensive endeavor. The Pacific Institute tells us that it takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water!

Carbon Conscious Consumer Logo

Plus when you sign the pledge you are entered to win a trip to Sun Valley!

Blessed Be.