Friday, March 10, 2006

Trying to Wean

Well hello, sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was too busy looking for pics on the web to make my site pretty. Plus when I did try to post blogger was giving me some trouble. Then of course there is my little one. He is a handful. But a very sweet child.

Anyway not much going on here. I did talk a friend of mine in to making herself a blog as well. But we will see if she keeps it up. She is insanely busy, but she likes it that way. I am a little too laid back for that much chaos in my life. I do like being a stay at home mom. I just need other moms like me to have a circle of support and people to hang out with. Till then this will be my outlet.

To you other LLL moms out there. I used to go quite regularly until my son would want to go outside to play during a meeting. Not that it bothered me, I want him to play. But at the church where the meetings are held, the playground isn't completely enclosed and not made for tiny toddlers, so I had to watch him the whole time. It was great for the other moms, but it just sucked for me. Anyway, I was into the child led weaning thing too. But now D. is just so big and hard to handle even when he nurses. He just squirms and kicks and stuff. I find myself just counting the seconds till he stops or I tell him to stop. He didn't even want to just nurse a couple times a day. He would nurse all day if I let him. So I am on the path to weaning. I feel it is necessary, but I will miss our time and snuggling. It is a confusing time for both of us. He doesn't want to stop, but it is actually painful to continue most days. He actually didn't nurse at all for 2 days this week then he asked for it again last night. I feel so conflicted. It doesn't help that my husband really wants me to quit, until D. starts crying and begging for it when I am exhausted and sore. Then J. just tells me to nurse, then immediately asks if I am quitting. My husband just wants to sleep and I don't know how to go about it all to make things go more smoothly. Plus we are going to be in a wedding in Sept. in Vegas. Not exactly the best place to go with a little one and we can't really afford to take someone to watch him. D. would stay here with my mom visiting or stay with my Mother-in-law. So it makes it difficult for him to stay with someone else if he is still nursing. I wouldn't even completely wean if I knew he could handle 3 days without it and not freak out. Plus he has slept in the same bed with us since he was born, up untill 3 months ago. Now he sleeps in his toddler bed a few inches away from ours (also, to get him ready for our trip in Sept to Vegas). So I guess if anyone has any ideas or other questions, let me know. I am starting to be stumped.

Hey I am also trying to potty train by August/September to put him in a couple of days of preschool. So if anyone has any good ideas, let me know.

Blessed Be,


At 2:11 PM, Blogger AnnieM said...

I still nurse my 26 month old, but we are down to twice a day. Morning was an easy one to drop, WE just found something else to take the place. Probably not the healthiest alternative, but it works. He gets cocoa as soon as he wakes up, so it is a treat and a distraction all in one!

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some things a parent can control. Like if you let him latch on, or just cut him off cold turkey. Just decide if you're going to do it or not. If you do cut him off, its going to suck for a couple weeks. Then he'll forget about it. You're not going to do any damage to his psyche so don't fret it.
There are also things that you can't control. Don't waste your stress on them. Where you're kid chooses to piss is one of the things that you have NO control over. You've got plenty of other crap to stress about. Send him in the john with Dad, praise him for being a big boy, and forget it. He'll piss in the head when he's ready. Until then, hell piss in his pampers. One thing kids like it to see what kind of control they have = let him control where he pisses, and let him control the praise he gets. don't loose it when goes in his pants, and don't stop bying diapers, and don't "plan on having him potty trained by about 3:45 on July 18th." It ain't happening.

Remember this:
Praise = potty = more praise = more potty.
Pant Pissing = pissed off mom = more pant pissing = more pissed off mom, etc, etc.
Thats a fact, jack.

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shiz girl, don eva appologize for wha you do or dona do.

I tell you girl, be a motha-fucking-goddess, and don apologize for not posting.

I mean shiz, I never read your blog anyway.


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