Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Day Downtown

Hello everyone, I took my son to the big library downtown today for storytime and crafting afterwards. He wouldn't sit still, but big surprise he is 2 1/2. Most of the other kids were getting up too at some point during storytime. However, craftime went a bit better. He stayed in his chair and we were painting with watercolors on coffee filters to make the wings for butterflies. We used large wooden popsicle sticks for the body with a pipecleaner glued on to attach the wings and make the anttane. It was fun and because it was snowing today there weren't a lot of kids there ,so we made about 5 butterflies.

Well since we were already downtown, I decided to go to Emily Griffith Opportunity School down the road, That is the place I went to school for hair design. I have been wanting to teach a color class there for a couple of years, but never really had the time or a car to get there. But now this month is perfect 'cause my husband is working from home this month. Plus since I happened to be down in the neighborhood, it made perfect sense to drop in and make the appointment. So I talked to my old teacher and I will be teaching a class on highlighting and coloring techniques with foil on next Thursday morning. Cool huh? I thought so too. I might be reperesenting my salon, but I haven't talked to my owner yet. It doesn't really matter , my olde teacher will usually let me do whatever I want, she loves me. I was teahcers pet with her. But that didn't really matter because we had 4 teachers.

And now since D. had been so good till this point, I thought we should go to the playground at Cherry Creek Mall. It is indoors and has all of this giant food to play on. But right after we get there and he is playing, he starts pushing kids around. I saw it and told him to say he was sorry to the kid. Then he did it again, so I put him in a timeout. Then he needed to go potty and he did all by himself. Yay!! So we went back to the playground again. He is only there a few minutes and he shoves another kid. So we packed up and started to go home.

Well as you know I have been a little lonely and wanting to start my life again. So Since I was already downtown, I went to the Twelfth House. One of my favourite pagan/spiritual boutiques in town. I knew we couldn't stay long, D couldn't handle it. But I just had to go in. Anyway this absolutely amazing lapis pendant(that fits my silver collar necklace perfectly) was in their case. I wanted it so bad, but it cost $86. And even though I work, I only do so part time and we have so many other bills, I said no. Then he said he would give me a deal $65. I really really really considered it. But I thought I should talk it over with my husband and sleep on it. So maybe we will see. I do hope I can get it. It truly is a one of a kind peace. I would go into more detail. But just in case there is anyone out there who lives in the area and likes this sort of thing, I don't want to.

Anywyay I should be going now,
Blessed Be,


At 3:52 PM, Blogger hipchickmamma said...

the energy a the 12th house is so healing. i can never go to denver, colorado even? without stopping by. last time i found a matted print about hope that totally spoke to me. i actually spent the 25-30 and bought it! the guy who works there--brown hair, very handsome and sweet, is awesome. i don't know if he's co-owner or owner but he's been there since the first time i went in 1992 or 1993.

love it! i'm just jealous i couldn't go too. ihope you're able to get the necklace, i know how you are about saphires!

miss you!

At 1:19 PM, Blogger AnnieM said...

Hey BlueGoddess! I saw you were at my site and thought I's check yours out. Can't wait to read more. Sounds like you could write about some crazy interesting stuff!

At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo! mama, you so hot.. I love ya so much.. I seriously think you need to come to cali and hang with my boys. We could cruz sunset and shiznany.


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