Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No one posts!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous. I know that I wanted to have an anonymous blog so that I could bitch, but I would like someone to bitch to. I have been searching the other blogs with similar interests for a couple of hours now and no one seems to still use their blogs on this site anymore. All of this is really starting to make me feel like crap. The point of this was to be to find friends. Like minded souls that I could relate to. That I could find friendship among the web. Does this all sound futille? I know that there are tons of sites to chat on, to go to forums and such. But I am not looking for just one side of my personality that I can connect to in another person. I would like to delve into all of the aspects that make me, me. And to connect with others that have the same ideas. There have to be more people out there that actually use this site on a regular basis. Someone please help me find them. So far the only person to come to this site is the only person I told about it. I want to meet new and interesting people as well as the old friends that I have. I have no doubt about the friendships that I have had for so many years. But as I have said before, most have moved away and I am not in contact with all of them as much as I would like.
I guess I should really stop this. It truly is just a lot of whining. And I just hate that. I always bug my son when he does it, why should I be any different. Just because I am an adult, doesn't give me the right to act so childish. So I will leave cruel world wide web and go be with my actual family and maybe go to sleep.

Blessed Be,


At 11:25 AM, Blogger hipchickmamma said...


it takes a while before people happen upon your blog. you can go to blogexplosion.com and see about upping your numbers. i'm not so sure about how or what they do but i know that joel has tried to use them before. you have to get the word out and by posting on other's blogs is pehaps the best way. if you post something interesting on another's blog others will be more likely to hop over here and check things out. be patient!

that said, i love you!

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself people will come around.


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