Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My ever changing blog

Since I am so new to the process. I am starting to play around a bit with the html so that I will be able to have the kind of site that I truly envision. I wasn't really expecting to be able to change anything, but it wasn't all that hard. I just used the site for a little help. I still have a long way to go before it truly reflects my taste. I am a designer after all, just not a web designer, so it is going to take a little time before I can make it my own.

But on to other things. I took D. to the mall to play on the playground. He had fun, although he didn't seem to play with the other kids much today. Which was the main reason I took him there. He needs friends and playmates. And of course to be able to run himself ragged. But he didn't seem to mind not playing with the other kids. He just ran around and talked to the other adults there and climbed on the dinosaurs. I on the other hand felt kind of snubbed like in highschool. The other parents were really keeping to themselves or in their little groups of friends. Even when I would try to strike up a conversation with them about their beautiful kids. What is it with those people. I am just trying to be part of the human race again. And since I do work a couple days a week, its not as if the only thing that I have to talk about is Elmo or Blues Clues. I mean come on, I am intelligent woman who just wants to have a friendship with someone else who is not working through the week just like me. I don't think that would be all that difficult. But I suppose people just like to keep to themselves. Tomorrow we are going to the library for story time and craft time. Hopefully I will strike up a conversation tomorrow.
Blessed Be.


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