Thursday, September 16, 2010

Away for way too long

Hello all,

I am sure I don't really get any more views on this page since I left it behind a couple of years ago. I am sorry I did that. It was one of those things that kept me going when I needed it when I started it. And now I think I need it once more. A way for me to get my thoughts and interests out there.

I have been missing friends and camaraderie. I have always been interested in being a steward for the Earth and the Crunchy way of life. But as with most people on the planet, I give in from time to time for the easy way of life. Well lately I have been really studying about backyard homesteading, organic farming and gardening.

For a little while in 2009 I had a very small farm with 7 goats, 10 chickens, a small garden and 3 dogs. I miss it very much. In fact I grew with organic farming in my family. My grandparents had an organic farm all while my parents were growing up and of course those before them. It was the only way of my life my entire family knew until my parents married. I am longing to get back to my roots and be part of a system that had long worked before I ever got here. I want my son to grow up with that kind of mentality and reverence for nature that I was lucky enough to get in small bits from my grandparents.

I look forward to writing some more and hopefully learning a lot more from any readers I might have.


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